WordPress Playground Out Now!

WordPress Playground is an innovative project that provides a private, in-browser WordPress environment for developers and users. It allows you to build themes, entire sites, test plugins, and much more, right from your web browser.

Getting Started: You can visit playground.wordpress.net to get your own private, in-browser WordPress running. This can be used to build a theme, an entire site, test a plugin, and more.

Operating System of the Web: WordPress Playground works in various environments including web browsers, Node.js, mobile apps, VS Code, etc. It supports a wide range of applications, from note-taking apps for mobile devices to live WooCommerce stores.

Underlying Technologies: The Playground uses cutting-edge technologies to make key WordPress dependencies work in JavaScript. PHP runs as a WebAssembly binary, MySQL is replaced with SQLite via a WordPress plugin, and the web server is implemented in JavaScript as a Service Worker.

Integration: You can integrate the Playground with your application using a single iframe tag. The Playground also supports a Query API for more advanced integrations.

Playground API: The Playground API allows you to unlock its full potential. It can be used to build single-click website clones, zero-setup website builders, in-browser WordPress programming tutorials, and more.

Contribution: The WordPress Playground is a young project and contributions are welcome. You can contribute by adding issues or pull requests to the WordPress Playground GitHub repository, joining the conversation in the #meta-playground channel on Making WordPress Slack, or providing feedback and ideas.

wordpress playground

For this URL to preinstall the pendant theme:


Please note that the Playground is an active exploration, meaning it works reasonably well but has limitations and the API might change without warning. You can learn more about these concepts by digging into the WordPress Playground documentation.

A great alternative to the Playground would be the Taste WP, which offers a number of additional functions and is quite easy to use.

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