The countdown begins: Starting my Part-time MBA this October!

Part-time MBA while on an international relocation? Mission possible.

In 2013 I received my bachelor’s degree in Print Media from the Rochester Institute of Technology. While I remained in the printing industry ever since, all my roles were focused within business management. I found success and enjoy working in the printing industry, but I know it is time to step outside this comfort zone in search of further growth.

The motivation behind pursuing an MBA is seeking higher education as the next step in accelerating my skillset and positioning my career to the next level. Knowing when exactly the logistics of location and timing would align for me to start an MBA was always an ongoing mystery. Having completed four international relocations, it became normal to live in a city for a few years before taking off on the next business adventure.

After relocating to Germany in 2018, I am now at a perfect crossroads to invest in a part–time MBA. Working alongside diverse cultures, market conditions, and business models inspired my ambition of developing into a business leader who can successfully navigate the demands of today’s industry challenges and lead an organization through transformation. I view the MBA as a critical component in gaining a new business perspective, expanded skillset, and approach to leadership.

Please do not send flowers. Print is alive!

What comes to your mind when someone mentions the printing? Perhaps decline? Maybe imagery of a graveyard? These perceptions are common but there is more to the story. If you were to ask me, I would summarize the response in one word: Opportunity.

I am not in denial that the printing industry has its share of challenges. Industry news headlines highlight concerns surrounding an aging workforce, company bankruptcies, and discussions about an identity crisis among the rise of online media. So where is the silver lining?

The opportunity to shift from survive to thrive belongs to companies who have the courage to see print in a new way. The first seven years of my career were spent traveling the world and working for such visionary companies. From an innovative online printer to renown printing press manufacturers, I gained a global perspective of challenging the status quo and embracing both disruptive business models and digital transformation.

Certainty in Frankfurt School among COVID uncertainty

My search for part-time MBA programmes in Central Europe took place right as the COVID outbreak began. Business school is a significant investment of time and money and not being able to visit a school in person, attend a class, or meet with administrators was a challenge. Even among the disrupted environment, it did not take long to identify Frankfurt School as my top choice.

It is no surprise why the school is sought after – located in the financial hub of Europe, a tradition of academic excellence, and an attractive programme structure, it offers the MBA experience many dream of. What solidified my decision was the sense of community within Frankfurt School which was unique from any other programme. Everyone from the admissions team, current students, and alumni made me feel at home. The collective experience gave me confidence that this is a school I would feel proud to join and contribute towards both as a student and future alumni.

In these times of uncertainty, I could not be any more certain about my decision to pursue higher education at Frankfurt School. As I launch myself into the next phase of my career, I have full confidence that the part-time MBA programme is the right choice to maximize personal and professional development.

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